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Mentor and Be Mentored

Mentor and Be Mentored

Most geniuses have mentors and coaches to give them perspective and learn from the experience of others. Socrates mentored Plato. Plato mentored Aristotle. Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great. Thomas Edison mentored Henry Ford.

Among today’s teachers: Buckminster Fuller mentored Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Robert Kiyosaki, creator of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series. Jim Rohn mentored Tony Robbins who has influenced millions and many teachers of today. Warren Buffett mentors Bill Gates. Bill Gates has had an influence on Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook with over 500 million members.

You can receive mentoring from afar by reading biographies, listening to CDs, watching videos. However nothing beats being mentored personally. Just by being in the presence of your mentor, you will pick up distinctions of how they live their life that allows them to get the results they produce. Just like we naturally pick up traits from our parents when we are young, we naturally pick up traits from our mentors.

Strategy to Attract High Quality Mentors Quickly

1) Become a Client – Get Instant Access and Lead By Giving
2) Become a Testimony – Get Results Using Product or Service
3) Add Value by Promoting or Recommending Them

When you get results implementing the advice given. Your mentor will want to help you more knowing that his time mentoring you will be used wisely. Your mentor will be more invested in your success.

The more you push your mentor up, the higher you go.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

1) Teaching What You Know (Best Way to Learn)
2) Making a Difference in a Life Investing in Your Protege’s Success
3) New Energy, Ideas, and a Sounding Board from Protege

Happy Mentoring!

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  1. 34 mos ago

    great facts about mentorship in history and the significance it produced for mankind from philosophers to scientists. I totally concur on the importance of learning from others. You are a wonderful teach Eiji.

  2. bili
    28 mos, 2 wks ago

    I wish that I have the right to be a mentor and To give benefits for other people’s lives. I think, that have to be really smart to give someone else advice, because, sometimes it’s good for me but not for him! …..

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