Thank you! Living Your Genius and End Suicide Update

Thank You in Multiple Languages

Thank you for your comments wanting to see more stuff from Genius Squared. I appreciate your support and inspiration.

While I’ve taken a hiatus and been building my business on other sites focused on speaking and marketing Speak Your Genius LIVE Experience and Six Figure Speaking Secrets, the readership has grown to over 4000 unique visitors monthly. For that I’m extremely grateful and want to say “Thank you!”

I’ve been getting nudges both internal and external to restart blogging in short snippets and share nuggets of wisdom along the way. The final sign is that my wife is up late at night creating her blog after getting certified as a Reiki master. (So psyched to be able to get healing from her)

Here’s a couple of realizations regarding genius and the calling I have to work on ending suicide worldwide.

1) Living your genius is the opposite spectrum of being depressed and suicidal. When you are living in your genius doing what you love and sharing your gift the last thing you are thinking is taking your own life.

2) When you have a calling, the signs get bigger and bigger for you to pay attention to it. Your calling is not necessarily your desire and of your choosing. It chooses you, that’s why you are called to do it. I’ve had a friend this year commit suicide and he was the 6th person I’ve known personally to do it.

3) Focus on fixing the role you are in instead of fixing yourself. You are not broken. Improving your non-talents will make you mediocre at best. Get better in what you already do great. That’s how you separate yourself from the pack and stand out as an authority.

I would love to hear what you’d like to see more of and please feel free to comment!

Until next time…

Make your life magical,

Eiji Morishita

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  1. This is exactly the second article, of urs I personally went through.
    Nevertheless I enjoy this specific 1, “Thank you!
    Living Your Genius and End Suicide Update | Genius
    Squared” the most. Cya ,Carolyn

  2. What exactly truly inspired u to post “Thank you! Living
    Your Genius and End Suicide Update | Genius Squared”?
    I reallydefinitely liked the blog post! I appreciate it -Janis

  3. “Thank you! Living Your Genius and End Suicide Update | Genius Squared” was indeed a great read
    and therefore I was indeed pretty happy to find the blog post.
    Thanks for the post,Adrienne

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